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Badminton Lessons

Badminton Lessons

Our badminton lessons are managed by Yap Twins Sports Management (YTSM), which is one of the leading coaching companies established in the region. Their coaches consist of world ranking national badminton players, who are globally recognised coaches. Whether you are currently playing at a beginner, semi-pro, or professional level, these professional coaches will guide you to excel in the game.

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Details & Services

Lesson (per hour) Fees (per person)
1 pax RM 75.60
2 pax RM 46.44
3 pax RM 41.04
4 - 5 pax RM 35.64
6 - 8 pax RM 24.84

Timing and availability to be confirmed by the management and coach.

Badminton Courts

Mr. Yap Yee Hup

+6019-2758 479

Procedure for Termination of Lessons

  • One month’s notice in writing to the Club prior to the termination of the classes; otherwise, the club will automatically debit the said amount to the member’s account.
  • Termination and temporary leave can be obtained from the fitness centre or the instructor.

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