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Golf Academy

Golf Academy

Embrace the game or take your skills to the next level

MST Golf Academy is the largest and most advanced golf academy in the region that offers esteemed members and visitors to hone their skills in a complete array of initiation and improvement programmes. With a team of well-rounded and highly skilled coaches consisting of internationally certified, foreign and local instructors, they are confident your game will be transformed, from your first swing to your last lesson.

Whether you are looking for an individual or group lesson, the professional team at MST Golf Academy will ensure your needs are catered to, offering you a bespoke session experience. We look forward to welcoming you to The MST Golf Academy.

Lesson Packages

Whether you're a beginner or experienced golfer, we have packages suited to all levels of play.

Individual and Group Lessons

Learn from the professional team at MST Golf Academy, which boasts an outstanding track record, and has received an array of awards. Having taught players with a range of abilities, from beginners to top amateurs and touring professionals, these pros are dedicated to passing along their wealth of experience and knowledge. Our team of PGA-qualified coaches will personalise each lesson to help improve your game, one-on-one or in groups, whilst ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Please Note: Each lesson has 55 minutes duration.

We offer the following lesson options:

  • Single Lessons - Once off lessons offers you a targeted fix and improvement to a specific area of your game.
  • 10 Lessons Package - Depending on the students needs it can include all or some of the following:
Five (5) Long Game Lessons covering Three (3) Short Game Lessons covering Nine (9) Hole Playing Lesson

*Counts as 2 Lessons
*Green fees NOT included

  • Driver
  • Fairway Woods & Hybrids
  • Long Irons
  • Short Irons
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching & Bunker Play
  • Good Course Management
  • Shot Selection
  • Rules of Golf
  • Etiquette
Lesson Rates:
Individual Lessons Non-Member Per Lesson Member Per Lesson
Elite Master Instructor 
One Lesson RM 500 RM 420
Ten Lessons Package RM 435 RM 385
Master Instructor
One Lesson RM 360 RM 300
Ten Lessons Package RM 320 RM 270
Senior Instructor
One Lesson RM 280 RM 230
Ten Lessons Package RM 250 RM 210

*Range ball not included
*Prices subjects to change without prior notice
*All prices subject to 6% SST

Please contact the Academy or Professional for group lesson rates.

Trade your business cards and meetings for score cards and birdies at KLGCC. Whether it is a small office outing or a larger gathering, our team at MST Golf Academy will be more than delighted to put together a day of lessons for your colleagues, each one personalised to individual-ability levels, creating the perfect corporate golf day.

Beginners will be introduced to the joys of golf through a bespoke experience, as they take their game from the driving range to the golf course. KLGCC offers a unique “Play with the Pro” programme for non-golfing friends or family, featuring PGA professionals teaching on the course. Students will be supported in a smooth transition from the practice range to the course in a fun and relaxed environment. This is the ideal programme for students to learn the basics, from the rules of golf and course etiquette to playing to your strengths, and from applying the right strategy to selecting a better club and shot.

Please note: In addition to lesson fees, clients will need to cover the costs of (i) greens fees and insurance, (ii) buggy fees, and (iii) caddie fees.

Lesson Rates:
Individual Lessons Non-Member Per Lesson Member Per Lesson
Elite Master Instructor 
One Lesson RM 550 RM 440
Ten Lessons Package RM 470 RM 375
Master Instructor
One Lesson RM 340 RM 275
Ten Lessons Package RM 305 RM 250
Senior Instructor
One Lesson RM 260 RM 200
Ten Lessons Package RM 230 RM 185

*Range ball not included
*Prices subjects to change without prior notice
*All prices subject to 6% SST

Please contact the Academy or Professional for group lesson rates.

The junior development player programme is designed specifically for the future generation of golfers and is an ideal way to cultivate their interest in the game of golf. The programme will help juniors learn all aspects of the game, from techniques to basic rules. They will also learn the key FUNdamental techniques required for future development, through fun games and enjoyable tasks, which could lead to them becoming future champions!

Lesson Rates:
Descriptions Fees Per Term Without Auto Pay Fees Per Term With Auto Pay
Annual Membership (with uniform shirt) RM 344 RM 344
Junior Lesson Fees RM 800 RM 760
Range Ball Fees RM 184 RM 184
Late Payment Fees
(On payment made after the first week of the term)
RM 41 RM 41

* Each term is 10 weeks, one class per week & each class is 55 minutes.
* 10% discount on lesson fees for KLGCC members & require to present Membership Card during sign up or payment. 
* All prices subject to 6% SST. 

Some technique that could be addressed when taking golf lessons

  • Grip
    How to hold the club correctly with the correct pressure. Understanding how your grip affects the clubface, wrist hinge, shaft plane and your ball flight.
  • Stance
    How wide your feet should be on each club while learning the effects the stance width will have on your stability, body rotation, angle of attack, swing path and weight shift during your swing.
  • Ball position
    Having the ball placed in the correct position in relation to the club you're swinging, shot choice and various slopes you encounter on the course are things that cannot be overlooked.
  • Balance
    Instilling correct weight distribution habits and understanding the effects the weight and balance of your setup will have on your swing.
  • Posture
    All the angles and bends in your body. You will also be learning about distance from the ball, knee flex, hip bend and how posture affects the various parts of your swing.
  • Upswing
    How to correctly start your swing and how to make the correct upswing. Understanding the swing plane and how this affects the way you impact the ball.
  • Downswing
    Learning which parts of your body start the downswing movement and how the correct order of movement can maximise your swing speed and ball impact.
  • Impact
    The most important part of your golf swing is the moment you make impact with the ball; everything we do in our swing is to produce the correct impact. Understanding the correct positions to be in as you make impact helps you hit the ball straighter and further.
  • Through swing
    Making the correct through swing is a critical part of completing the golf swing sequence.
  • Impact factors & ball flights
    A basic understanding of the 5 impact factors and 9 ball flights.
  • On-course playing lessons
    How to manage the course, rules, etiquette, where to aim, what clubs to use and different shot choices to make are some valuable things you will learn. In addition, playing with your instructor and seeing how it can be done accelerates the learning process.

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