Handicapping System

Last updated on: 01 November 2021


  1. All golfers shall be required to produce a valid handicap card before they are allowed to play on the Golf Courses.
  2. Golfers without valid handicap shall be required to produce a golf proficiency certificate to play on the Golf Courses.
  3. Golfers twelve (12) years and below and with a proficiency certificate shall be accompanied at all times by an adult with a valid handicap.
  4. Members with a valid handicap from other Clubs shall be recognised.
  5. Members’ handicaps shall be computed in accordance with the current USGA handicapping system and the recommendations of MGA. Such handicaps shall be printed in the Handicap Register monthly.
  6. The Management may at its discretion, revise or suspend the official handicap of a Member at any time.
  7. The revision of official handicaps shall, unless otherwise determined by the Management, be in accordance with the recommendations of the MGA and USGA handicap system.
  8. The Management shall or upon recommendation of the Handicap Committee, have the right to revise (upwards or downwards) a handicap if the player’s performance justifies it, as per "Handicap Revision Table" below.
  9. When a handicap is cut or reduced voluntarily or in accordance with Rule 8 hereof, the revised handicap shall remain unchanged for a period of three (3) months and constitutes, during such period of time, the official handicap of the Member unless the actual handicap is lower.
  10. Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 4 herein, the Management may at its discretion award a new Member a current handicap provided that such Member produces a recently dated handicap certificate issued by another Club bearing an authorised signature. Such Member shall be given an official handicap when he returns twenty (20) complete 18-hole rounds.
  11. Members applying for new current handicaps shall return ten (10) complete 18-hole cards played over any of the Club’s Courses. Nine (9) hole cards played over any of the Club’s Courses are acceptable provided each full nine (9) holes are played on the same course within 48-hours. All cards must be signed by the Member and by a marker who shall be a Member with a valid handicap.
  12. A Member may be called upon to play up to nine (9) holes of golf with a nominated Member of the Handicap Committee during which the standard of the Member’s play and his compliance with the Rules & Regulations of the Club and Etiquette of golf will be assessed and if the Member meets the required standard, the Member will be awarded a current handicap and shall be so notified in writing.
  13. If the Member does not meet the required standard he/she shall not be awarded a new handicap and he/she shall become eligible to be tested again only upon the expiry of one (1) month from the previous test.
  14. Any Member shall be entitled, on request, to be issued with a handicap certificate stating his current handicap and signed by the Management.