Booking Terms

Last updated on: 01 November 2021


  1. Golf booking can be made seven (7) days in advance at Golf registration counter from 6.30 am onwards.
  2. Bookings may be made via telephone, walk-in or through KLGCC online portal on such days and within hours as shall be determined by the Management from time to time and posted at a conspicuous part of the Club premises. Telephone bookings for weekdays and weekends can only be made after 9:00am.
  3. Each Member shall be entitled to only one (1) booking for each day of play. No Member may book on behalf of another Member. Children of Member(s) are not permitted to make booking.
  4. When making a booking, Member shall provide their name(s) and Membership numbers and the name of the other players in the flight and their approved handicap.
  5. The Member making the booking shall be responsible for the non-appearance of any of the players on his/her flights and be liable for the payment of the no show fees of RM 318.00. Last minute ( within 48 hours) cancellation fees will be charged at RM 159.00 per flight. 
  6. The Member who made the booking shall be solely responsible for the non-appearance of any of the players on the same flight.
  7. The Management reserves the right to allow other players to tee-off for booking(s) not taken up.
  8. The above By-Laws apply to spouse(s) of Members.
  9. Corporate bookings – The Management may at any time and from time to time by notice reserve the whole or any part of the Golf Course for such purpose.


  1. Rain checks are issues only in the event of course closure due to heavy rain or unsafe playing condition ( i.e. lightning) or deemed unplayable by the Club's Management
  2. For eighteen (18) hole game, a rain check for nine (9) hole green fee will be issued if a game is abandoned between the 4th hole or 9th hole. Rain check does not apply for buggies and caddies.
  3. For eighteen (18) hole game, a rain check for eighteen (18) hole green will will be issued if a game is abandoned after completion of three (3) holes or less. Rain check does not apply for buggies and caddies.
  4. If a nine (9) hole game is abandoned after completion of less than two (2) holes, a nine (9) hole green fee rain check will be issued. Rain check does not apply for buggies and caddies.
  5. If a golf game is abandoned due to inclement weather during the day, guests may elect to discontinue play after one (1) hour of play being abandoned.
  6. Once a booking for eighteen (18) holes has been made and the player/s has tee off, no cancellation of the remaining nine (9) holes is permitted. This applies to both weekdays and weekends. 


  1. Guests shall be required to produce a valid handicap card before they are allowed to play in the Golf Course.
  2. The host Member must play with their guests and be responsible for the verification of their guests handicaps.
  3. Members shall be responsible for all expenses and damages incurred by their guests.
  4. Members are to ensure that their guest(s) observe the Rules and Regulations of the Club and shall further be responsible for the behaviour and conduct of their guest(s).
  5. In the event the Member fails to observe the provision herein, such Member shall be liable to pay double the rate of green fees payable to the Club and may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.
  6. Unless otherwise determined by Management, Members are allowed to introduce guest(s) based on the following:
  • East Course - A maximum of seven (7) guests
  • Referred guest(s) may either be accompanied or unaccompanied.
  • West Course
    • Weekdays - A maximum of seven (7) guests
    • Weekends & Public Holidays - Only three (3) guests
  • Guests must be accompanied at all times.
  1. Children cannot introduce guest(s) to play golf at all times.